Review: The Tragedy of MacBeth


Photo by Elaine Howlin on Unsplash.

Released in late 2021, “The Tragedy of Macbeth” was a hidden gem. The film was produced by A24, the same studio responsible for films such as “Midsommar” and “Uncut Gems.” Fans of A24 know that some of their films can be hit or miss – the indie company releasing films that sometimes end up being a little too weird for the mainstream. But “Macbeth” slid under the radar, and is a film I consider to be truly a masterpiece.

The film follows the story of William Shakespeare’s play of the same name and features Denzel Washington as Lord Macbeth. The acting in the film was phenomenal, and it had to be. As a film based on a play, much of the story is dependent on the dialogue and subtle actions of the characters. There was a lot of potential for the film to get boring due to the sheerpure amount of dialogue and seemingly lack of action, but the action is in the subtleties of the film. Overall, and the actors do an amazing job of keeping your attention. 

It was also just a great film to watch because of the visual experience. “Macbeth” was minimalistic, with the whole film shot in black and white. Because of the lack of color, there was a higher emphasis on shadows and light, punctuating the film in a unique way and providing a beautiful cinematographic experience. The general aesthetic of the film was also given great attention. It didn’t feel old or difficult to watch. While it was obviously a Shakespeare play, there was a modern spin on it with the minimalistic attributes of the sets adding a crispness to the film. 

“The Tragedy of Macbeth” was extremely enjoyable – one of my favorite movies I’ve seen in a while. For those who can’t enjoy a Shakespeare play, it may be hard to get into. But for those curious about it, I definitely recommend giving it a shot.

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