Top 5 Sports Movies

When discussing movies that channel an array of emotions, you find yourself with a few select genres. Add in an underdog, and you have yourself only one genre: sports. There are many different sports movies and approaches that directors and producers take to them, but some are just better than…

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Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

Top 10: Movies to stream

In our current age of social distancing and COVID-19 fear, a good movie that doesn’t require you to leave your house may be just what the doctor ordered. However, if you’re like me, choosing a movie available on Netflix or with the most basic Hulu subscription can be difficult. The…

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Summer movie preview

From as early as 2014, film analysts have been pegging the summer of 2016 as the season of films to beat, with numerous franchises all attempting to stake their box office claims. Several reviewers have speculated that this will be a summer of no particular blockbusters and “wall-to-wall” competition between…

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