Secret study spot for English majors

It can be hard to feel special as an English major, except when the department provides a secret study spot just for you! Located on the third floor of Jewell Hall, this literature-stuffed study closet is an introvert’s dream. It’s perfectly placed in the heart of the English department, so you can bother your professors mid-study sesh. While this room does not have a designated number, it can be easily spotted directly across from room 313.

Photo of the “English Room” taken by first-year English major Anna Bodine

Be sure to follow the rules and pick up after yourself because nobody wants to deal with your garbage. If someone is already in the study room, that’s okay! This spot can handle two intellectuals. If there is no more room, you can always hang out in the common area nearby.

The best part about the secret study closet is that it is secluded and quiet. I don’t know about you, but I love a good cave to hide in. There is also an entire library’s worth of books in there, so if you need reference material, look no further!

Photo of library wall located in the “English Room” taken by first-year English major Anna Bodine

If you are an English major, come check this study spot out! Not an English major? Bummer, dude. Read this previous article from “The Hilltop Monitor” for ideas on other places to study: 

Here’s a tip: make friends with an English major and maybe they will let you have VIP visitor access! 

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