Fat straw required: Best boba places to try out

Image by Christiann Koepke on Unsplash.

Bubble tea, also known as boba milk tea, is a refreshing drink favored by many. For those who enjoy tea yet want something with a little more excitement, boba can be a superb option. However, not all boba establishments are created equal. Despite each having that iconic fat straw, some boba cafés are more alluring than others. For anyone living in the Kansas City area, there may be more options to choose from than expected.

When judging what makes a good bubble tea, preferences are different. Nevertheless, a good bubble tea café should typically have several key factors: properly sealed drinks, evenly cooked boba, discernibly flavored tea, wide flavor variety, helpful staff and a pleasant atmosphere.

The Fat Bee Café is a popular choice for Kansas City residents. Online reviews describe The Fat Bee Café as “a solid boba option to natives and visitors alike.” Favorite bobas include the Crème Brûlée latte, Mango Jasmine Green Tea and Taro Milk Tea. The milk powder is of high quality, and the tea doesn’t have much water compared to other locations. This concentration enhances the tea’s flavor. The boba is soft and chewy: a great combination.

Bruú Café hosts tea of great quality with a comforting atmosphere to match. The matcha latte and Royal Milk Boba stand among many of the other flavors as top-notch. The décor inside the café is quite pleasant to look at and the staff is very helpful. Despite the café being rather small and not ideally sized for relaxing, it’s located on a plaza, so anyone strolling around can stop for a good boba drink and continue on their way.

Ari Delights is an ideal location for any boba tea fan. Several people who commented on the café remarked on the reasonable prices and the wide variety of flavors, such as the Hokkaido Milk Tea and Ari Goddess. For any lactose-intolerant customers, the store has a dairy-free substitute that can be used instead of milk. The boba is splendid; standing out in flavor and chewiness while not distracting from the beverage itself.

People have expressed their love of Ari Delights’ atmosphere as well. The café has a quaint aesthetic, and it is spacious enough to make anyone feel relaxed. The staff is quite courteous and friendly to customers. The store even has cards and board games for customers to enjoy while they sip their tea.

The three stores listed—despite being worth traveling to once or twice—are not possible for many people to visit regularly. The closest of these three locations, the Fat Bee Café, is 25 minutes away from William Jewell College. The farthest, Ari Delights, is a 40 minute trip. That being the case, Sonic and Dunkin’ Donuts both offer choices for boba, despite not specializing in bubble tea. So if all one wants is a quick boba tea, they can simply head to one of these locations.

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