Top 10: Timothée Chalamet performances

Timothée Chalamet by Nine Stars, courtesy of Wikipedia

At just 24 years old, Timothée Chalamet has already cemented his status as one of Hollywood’s darlings. His willingness to embrace androgyny and show sensitivity on and off the big screen have the potential to single-handedly rid the world of toxic masculinity.

A striking jawline, ability to pull off fuschia suits and French ancestry might have contributed to Chalamet’s seemingly sudden rise, but the actor has proven to be much more than a pretty face. Chalamet really broke out in 2017, but the curly-haired star exhibited his talents in several other projects long before that date. Here are the top ten TV shows and movies graced by his presence in chronological order:

1. “Homeland” (2011)

“Homeland” centers around a bipolar CIA officer convinced a former prisoner of war was turned by al-Qaeda and poses a terrorist threat to the United States. It is a TV show best loved by middle-aged mothers who have already seen everything interesting on Amazon Prime, and Chalamet’s character is no exception to its mediocrity. In the show’s second season he plays the jerk son of the vice president who refuses to admit to a hit-and-run and meets an explosive end. His character may not have been swoon-worthy, but Chalamet’s performance hinted at his acting potential while he was still a high school student. 

2. “Men, Women & Children” (2014)

Chalamet plays a football player in this film seeking to show the effect of the internet on personal relationships. “Men, Women & Children” did not earn a warm reception from critics, and most of Chalamet’s scenes were cut, but it was a strong film debut that led to later roles for the young actor. 

3. “Interstellar” (2014) 

Chalamet played a small but meaningful role as the teenage son of a NASA pilot searching for a new planet to call home as Earth becomes less hospitable. This movie gave Chalamet the opportunity to work with acclaimed director Chirstopher Nolan, as well as a cast that included Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine. The mind blowing sci-fi dystopia was the first of Chalamet’s to become a hit at the box office and award shows.

4. “Miss Stevens” (2016)

This lesser-known indie film stars Lily Rabe as an English teacher chaperoning three students on a trip to a drama competition. Chalamet really got to show his acting chops as the angsty male lead with an explosive monologue that earned him and the film critical acclaim.

5. “Lady Bird” (2017)

2017 proved to be a big year for Chalamet, and “Lady Bird” provided him with the first of several supporting roles that really put him on the map. Opposite Saoirse Ronan, Chalamet brilliantly executes his role as the snobby, bass-playing, dirtbag crush. His performance is one of the many relatable parts of “Lady Bird,” especially for anyone who has experienced attraction – and inevitable disappointment – from men who appear cool and mysterious. Ultimately, Chalamet is a vehicle for developing the coming-of-age narrative for the titular character in Greta Gerwig’s solo directorial debut.

6. “Call Me by Your Name” (2017) 

“Call Me by Your Name” chronicles the blossoming romance between 17 year-old Elio, played by Chalamet, and 24 year-old archaeology student Oliver, played by Armie Hammer. Set in the Italian countryside in the 1980s, the film is beautiful for its aesthetic as well as its plot. Chalamet has remarkable chemistry with Hammer and really shows off his ability to handle complex emotional themes. Anyone who doesn’t cry during the final scene is a heartless monster. The film rightly earned Chalamet his first Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations.

7. “Hostiles” (2017)

Though hardly comparable to the successes of “Lady Bird” and “Call Me by Your Name,” Chalamet capped off his year working the film festival circuit with this violent Western. Alongside Christian Bale and Rosamund Pike, Chalamet plays a soldier who is a part of a security detail escorting a Cheyenne chief and his family back to their home in Montana in what turns out to be a very harrowing journey.

8. “Beautiful Boy” (2018)

Based on the best-selling memoirs of David and Nic Sheff, Chalamet and Steve Carell star as father and son in this intimate, heartbreaking, and moving story of addiction, relapse, and recovery. Compared to “Call Me by Your Name,” Chalamet transforms emotionally and physically. His memorable performance is remarkable enough to make anyone a “Chalamaniac,” and it earned him more nominations and awards.

9. “The King” (2019)

“The King” combines the realism of film with the legendary plot of Shakespeare’s plays. Starring as King Henry V, Chalamet proves his ability to make a bowl cut look hot and pull off intense battle scenes. The film follows the warrior king as he ascends the throne and figures out how to handle politics and war. Be sure not to miss Robert Pattinson sliding around in the mud.

10. “Little Women” (2019)

“Little Women” retells the classic story of the March sisters, four women coming of age and forging individual paths following the Civil War. This version of “Little Women” emphasizes the agency and anger of the sisters, and Chalamet’s depiction of Laurie as a childhood friend and eventual thwarted love interest serves this aim. Yet another fabulous Greta Gerwig film, “Little Women” was well recepted but snubbed for big nominations and awards.

Overall, Chalamet’s performances in these works only hint at what is to come, as the actor seems to be gaining steam. His upcoming performances include a Wes Anderson film called “Dune” and a sequel to “Call Me by Your Name.”


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