AFE: The 8 most outrageous roommate behaviors, #3 will surprise you

Having a roommate is a huge part of college. It is a big transition that affects every person differently. Living with a complete stranger is a life-changing experience. They either become one of your best friends or just one more irritating person you have to deal with on a daily basis. The last thing anyone would want is to have a roommate with strange habits to add to the stress of college life. Here is a list of the most outrageous roommate behaviors that I came across after conducting several interviews.

Outrageous behavior 1

“My roommate hated it whenever I would shed hair. She was a clean freak. She once cut my hair while I was sleeping because she thought it would make me shed less hair and keep the room cleaner,” said Harriet annoyed.

Outrageous behavior 2

“My ex-roommate was obsessed with skittles. She would always steal my food and other belongings in order to trade it with other college students for the candy. I was starting to think she was addicted,” said the rainbow.

Outrageous behavior 3

“My roommate had this weird habit where she had to sing a certain song out loud a couple of times before she sleeps. It was like a ritual since her childhood. I would be sleeping and she would start singing her song at the top of her lungs. I had to deal with that for a whole semester,” said Susan Snore.

Outrageous behavior 4

“My ex-roommate had a pet ferret. He would always bite my toes in the middle of the night. This happened on a daily basis for a whole semester. He was either obsessed with toes or never really liked me,” said Tootsie Smith.

Outrageous behavior 5

“My ex-roommate would sleep underneath the bed every day with a wedding dress on. She said it made her feel like she was floating with the stars,” said Star

Outrageous behavior 6

“My roommate is obsessed with the smell of vinegar. She uses it as a perfume all the time. She sprays it on her bed and throughout the room. I hate the smell and I am allergic to it, but she keeps doing it. Our room always smells like vinegar,” said Vinny Agar.

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