AFE: R.I.P. Sneaky Pete, 2014-2016

Sneaky Pete died unexpectedly Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 in Liberty, Mo. at the age of one year and seven months.


Student, identified as minor by the black X on his hand, mourns the loss of a friend.

Pete is survived by his older brother, Corner Bar, and younger sister, Rock ‘n Run, both of Liberty, Mo. He was preceded in death by twin brother, The Bell.

Pete was born June 5, 2014 at 1100 E. Missouri Route H to his owners. He will be remembered for his lively, though unreliable, atmosphere and his convenient location for inhabitants of the William Jewell College campus. Friends will always remember the old lady that sat at the end of the bar watching people dance, the frat boys who played endless games of pool, the occasional midnight hamburger cookout on the porch and the infamous police raid of 2015 that sent Pete’s friends running for the woods. Pete always smelled of cigarette smoke and was a bit sticky, but was much-beloved by his friends and family for the good times he brought them.


Students in attendance of the vigil.

A vigil was held on Tuesday, Feb. 2
at 8:00 p.m. to mourn the loss of the well-known community member.


A moment of silence was held for all the memories they don’t remember, but are sure they had.

Photos by Chandler Eaton. A previous version of this article was published with a mistake. 

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