AFE: To be honest…help

To be honest, a few weeks ago I felt as though I was being stalked. There were “gifts” being left for me around campus, coffees from the PLC and notes outside of my door saying “to my little.” What does that even mean? This person knew where I was at all times. I had a feeling there was always someone watching me. There were even times where I was forced to stay in my room hours at a time. I got texts saying I wasn’t allowed to leave. There were notes slid under my door. They knew everything about me. My favorite food, my favorite color, even what size shirt I wear. It was getting out of control. Every night when I opened my door there was an excessive number of canvas paintings and oversized t-shirts. They would even leave me “clues” as if they wanted me to know who they were. What was even more strange is the fact that I wasn’t the only one that this was happening to. Girls all over the first-year dorms were experiencing the same odd, uncomfortable experience. After multiple days of anticipation and confusion the mystery all came to a halt. It turns out that this stalker was just my sorority mom.


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