AFE: Should napping become an Olympic sport?

Cat napping. Photo courtesy of Dwight Sipler.

From college students to little children to tired parents, everyone takes naps. However, there are some expert nappers that don’t receive the credit that they so rightly deserve.

For some, napping is something that should be quick – about 20 to 40 minutes, while others say that it should be longer – between two to four hours. We were able to reach out to some students to get their opinions on how long a nap should be.

“Personally, I believe that naps are something that should be short and sweet. For me, all I need is a power nap; a good 15 to 20 minutes will do and I feel rejuvenated,” one anonymous student said.

A different student had the exact opposite feeling.

“Napping is a talent. You have to be willing to put in work in order to be a great napper. A solid nap should take about two hours,” said the second student, whose identity will remain confidential.

Whatever the time length, napping is a skill. This raises the question of whether or not napping should be an Olympic sport. While some argue napping should be recognized as an intensive, skill-based endeavor, this simply does not elevate it to the level of Olympic sport.

The rules would have to be too specific, plus when would the nappers wake up? Would it be to see who goes the longest? It’s just not a good idea to make napping an Olympic sport because it is accessible to everyone. The fact that everyone is able to take a nap makes it less of a sport.

Not everyone can ice skate, run extremely fast or play tennis, so why should napping – something everyone can do – be an Olympic sport? Simple answer: it should not be.

Although napping is a great way to get some energy, it’s not something that should be professionalized as an Olympic sport. It’s too accessible and too easy to be called an Olympic sport; however, naps are too enjoyable to not love!

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