AFE: Jewell community actively supports The Hilltop Monitor

Chief Editors of the Monitor Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe and Christina Kirk. Photo courtesy of Catherine Dema.

Recently, staffers on The Hilltop Monitor opened the Monitor’s suggestion box for the first time in years – discovering that every single student, faculty member and staff member on campus does in fact read and love The Hilltop Monitor.

Chief Editors of the Monitor giddy about the news. Photo courtesy of Catherine Dema.

“It’s just so shocking to us. Here we were, writing articles we thought no one read. When the staff found out everyone on campus actually loved our publication, we were so surprised that we had to double check to make sure it wasn’t a prank,” said one staff member, caught in the middle of celebrations.

Reviewers note the Monitor’s funny and likable staff, exemplary journalism and well-known presence on campus as reasons why they love the Monitor.

To celebrate this new-found fact that people enjoy the Monitor now, the publication will continue to release an issue every week in hopes that the constant demands of Jewelligans for more articles will be satiated.

Savannah Hawley

Savannah Hawley is the Managing Editor and Chief Copy Editor of The Hilltop Monitor. She is a senior majoring in Oxbridge: Literature & Theory and French.

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