Fashion Feature: Hope Peck

William Jewell College’s campus is filled with a range of styles – from trendy to classy, eclectic to low-key. To capture “style” requires as much consideration of personality as composition. What makes or breaks a look is not the wrong accessory, a clash in color or any other arbitrary rule established by the commercialized perspective of fashion that has been sold to the public.

A good outfit is defined by the eye of the wearer, whether it be maximum comfort or artistic expression. Truly appreciating fashion begins once you dive into the person behind the clothes. First-year physics major Hope Peck has provided the opportunity to dive into her style which comes from a combination of a variety of aesthetics and inspirations.

The process of curating a look, for Peck, starts on the first day of every week. She invests time experimenting with concepts on Sunday, planning out her outfits for the rest of the week. 

A glimpse into Peck’s closet would reveal an intentionally limited palette with an array of neutrals, burnt orange, and dark green. The colors reflect her self-described “thrifted and androgynous” minimalist aesthetic. A small palette also works to provide Peck more ease by expanding the versatility of her pieces, ensuring her look will include shades and hues partial to her taste.

Photo courtesy of Hope Peck.

Influenced by YouTube, Pinterest and a few high fashion designers, Peck’s style has a voice of its own. She combines her love of Cecille Bahsen’s prairie chic with modern and trendy looks inspired by YouTubers like With Wendy and Ashley Bestdressed.

Peck is not the only fashion lover in her family. Her sister Allyson is also a major source for Peck’s inspiration. Allyson lives a chic and fun life as a digital media designer in Brooklyn, New York, and you can catch a glimpse into her lifestyle on her YouTube Channel The Allyson Leigh.

Not only does Peck enjoy curating outfits, she also takes a hands-on approach to creating unique looks of her own. Peck is an avid thrifter and enjoys flipping her clothes into beautiful and individual pieces. She has also constructed several of her own items, including a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood inspired corset. Besides sewing, Peck also crotchets. Her latest creation is a soft gray lounge set. There’s no better way to capture personality than to do it yourself.

First-year physics major Hope Peck poses in her handmade corset. Photo courtesy of Hope Peck.

Though Peck’s style appears put together and polished with an intentionality that catches the eye, she adds a little bit of fun some days. From strawberry to cow-themed, she has a collection of socks that garner much attention from her friends. If there’s one thing to take away from Peck and her impeccable taste, it’s that the best thing to wear is confidence. 

Whether you wear the latest trends or your favorite sweats, what makes a look is the person behind the clothes. Rock those crazy socks, show off the Goodwill find, break out of the box or embrace the popular. You do you and the rest of the world will embrace your style.

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