William Jewell College’s Celebration of Honors 2023

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On Apr. 21, The Celebration of Honors took place. This event honors student achievement at William Jewell College. Specifically, the names of students who have won departmental, service, and publication awards are read out loud and students are presented with certificates at the end of the ceremony. The winner of the Faculty Award – the highest award given to a graduating senior at William Jewell – is announced at the Celebration of Honors. 

This year, the winner of the faculty award was Agatha Echenique, senior Oxbridge History of Ideas and Philosophy double major.

The following is a list of the other awards announced at the ceremony.

Awards in Biology 

Dr. Burdette L. Wagenknecht Award for an outstanding first-year biology major – Molly Jillian McBratney

Charles F. J. Newlon Award for an outstanding sophomore biology major – Kate Hillyer

Monte Harmon Award for an outstanding junior biology major – Alexis D. Harper

Dr. Burnell Landers Award for an outstanding senior biology major – Elizabeth Wilson
Dr. Judith A. Dilts for an outstanding senior biology major – Paige Liston 

Awards in Business and Leadership 

Hastings L. Schies Memorial Scholarship to a junior or senior female student majoring in business administration or finance who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement – Camille Anderson

Walter J. Stark Award for development in business studies – Will Brant

John W. Boatwright Scholar to a student majoring in economics – Karis P. Saplys
Boatwright Economics Leadership Scholars – Camille Anderson and Noah C. Mayo

Otis and Florence Miller Academic Award to a senior graduating with the highest GPA in accounting, business, or economics – Mary Catherine Capron

Accounting Faculty Award for an outstanding senior in accounting – Mary Catherine Capron

Business Faculty Award for an outstanding senior in business administration – Hayden Barrett Armour

Economics Faculty Award for an outstanding senior in economics – Samuel D. Burkart

E. Anne Earnest Nonprofit Leadership Award for an outstanding senior in nonprofit leadership – Emily Mae King

Awards in Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Outstanding First-Years in Chemistry or Biochemistry – Theodore Johnson, Jr. and Irene J. Taboada
James R. Eaton Memorial Scholarship for achievement as a chemistry major – Sarah G. Foot, Scott Jolly, Luke Morrill, Ethan R. Nichols and Samantha Thompson
Frank J. Fristoe Scholarship for achievement in chemistry – Lucille M. Beattie, Jorey A. Luebbert, Juliann Smith, Traeten A. Thorell and Joseph E. Tetlow

Outstanding Senior in Chemistry – Megan E. Hall 

Outstanding Senior in Biochemistry – Rachel Ann Schon 

Awards in Communication

The Department of Communication Award for Internship Excellence – Abigail Elizabeth Vandiver 

The Kim and Lois Anne Harris Department of Communication Outstanding Senior Award – Michelle Mee Distefano 

Awards in Education 

Chad Farrison “Reach Out and Touch Someone” Award to an education major who has demonstrated sensitivity and compassion for others through volunteer service – Elisabeth Hampl 

Lutie Chiles Elementary Education Award to an outstanding sophomore in elementary education – Lorna Swink 

Ida Coffman Education Award to an outstanding junior in elementary education – Naomi Rickard 

Outstanding Junior in Secondary Education – Brynesha A. Griffin-Bey 

Outstanding Senior in Elementary Education – Charlene Audrey Bautista Noble 

Outstanding Senior in Secondary Education – Drew Daniel Reed

Master of Arts in Teaching Awards – Jacob Clark and Kaitlin Marie Edwards 

Award in Engineering 

Outstanding Senior in Civil Engineering – Brandon Daniel Homan

Awards in English
Pinkerton-Rick Scholarship to an English major entering the senior year who has contributed to the English Department through creative thinking and helpfulness – Gunnar Gudehaus 

Outstanding Senior English Major Award – Emily Mae King and Kathryn Elise Villarreal 

Awards in History
Kenneth Chatlos Award for best capstone essay in the Department of History – Christian Santiago 

U. R. Pugh Memorial Scholarship for achievement as a history major – Hallie D. Lindsey 

Award in Languages
Outstanding Senior in Spanish for a graduating major with a record of excellence – Gabrielle Rae Fournier 

Award in Mathematics
George A. Ross Mathematics Award to senior mathematics majors with the highest academic record in mathematics – Grant Whitingham Latina and Kaitlyn Elizabeth Simms 

Awards in Nursing 

Award for Integrity (BSN) – Gabrielle G. Gudehus 

Award for Integrity (BSN-AT) – Samantha M. Gonzalez

Award for Compassion (BSN) – Heather Danielle Pangborn 

Award for Compassion (BSN-AT) – Kristin B. Osborn 

Awards for Scholarship (BSN) – Devin Ashley Hampton 

Awards for Scholarship (BSN-AT) – Jessica Kane 

Anne Bax Ozbolt Award for Servant Leadership (BSN) – Jolee Grace McMullin 

Anne Bax Ozbolt Award for Servant Leadership (BSN-AT) – Kole Alexander Hummel 

Award for Excellence in Practice (BSN) – Noah Joseph-Glen Bruce
Award for Excellence in Practice (BSN-AT) – Raven Jones 

Mary Grant Seacole Award for Service (BSN) – Caitlyn Michelle Webb 

Mary Grant Seacole Award for Service (BSN-AT) – Clinton T. Gillespie 

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (BSN) – Alexandra Entz 

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (BSN-AT) – Dana Ruth Chiesa 

Outstanding Nursing Student Award (BSN) – Sarah Rosalia Bono
Outstanding Nursing Student Award (BSN-AT) – Elizabeth Ann Feller

Dr. Leesa A. McBroom Spirit of Nursing Book Award (BSN-AT) – Ellie Schroeder 

Awards in the Performing Arts 

Austin Cooper Edwards Acting Awards – Ivan Calderon and Suzanne Paige Wright 

Virginia D. Rice Award for excellence in theatre throughout the year – Breanna Kristian 

Kim Harries Golden Hammer Award for excellence in technical theatre – Kaden Rowe 

Alpha Psi Omega Key Award for four years of service to the Jewell Theatre Company – Isabel M. Warden 

Richard L. Harriman Theatre Scholarship established in 1994 by the Fine Arts Guild for outstanding theatre students – Ivan Calderon and Kassidy A. Schmidt 

Ida and Maybelle Glenn Music Scholarship for outstanding achievement by someone preparing to teach music – Brynesha A. Griffin-Bey 

Edward Lakin Music Theory Award to the student with the highest GPA in the first year of music theory courses – Irene J. Taboada

Linda L. Thomssen Award for an outstanding string player – Kathleen Eliza Winters

The Wes and Ginger Forbis Award for rising seniors in music – Cameron Wayne Huett, Brynesha A. Griffin-Bey and Kylie Schuster 

The Dean Wilder Voice Award for music majors with special consideration for students who study or participate in vocal performance and who demonstrate leadership qualities – Kailynn Byrne and Elijah Kenneth Tang-Spigelman 

The Collegiate Artists Competition winners of this annual competition perform a solo with the Liberty Symphony Orchestra – Syd Edie and Carolyn Schrock 

Awards in Physics
The Charles Don Geillker Feynman Lectures Award to an outstanding first-year in physics – Adam Hoffman 

James R. Eaton Memorial Scholarships for achievement as a sophomore or junior physics major – Riley Williams and Kaden Gammon 

John E. Davis Sigma Pi Sigma Award for a senior physics major with the highest level of achievement in physics – Ellesa R. Henning 

Outstanding Senior Physics Major Award – William Laycock 

Awards in Political Science 

Outstanding First-Year Students in Political Science – Makenna M. Gray, Ethan E. Naber and Riley E. Frasure-Smith 

Outstanding Sophomores in Political Science – Jamie L. Schenck, McKinzie Thompson and Alexander Walls

Outstanding Juniors in Political Science – Calvin Joseph Heit, Jacqueline Grace Hensley and Mary Katherine Leniton

Outstanding Seniors in Political Science – Hattie Miller and Madalyn Newton 

Dr. Will Adams Scholarship for an outstanding political science major – Luke L. Zahnd 

Pi Sigma Alpha – Matthew Oliver Senior Scholar Award – Hattie Miller 

Awards in Psychological Science 

Distinguished Graduates in Psychological Science – Kaci V. Behrens, Adel Freitek and Charlene Audrey Bautista Noble 

Premier Graduate in Psychological Science – Michelle Mee Distefano 

Student Publication Awards
The Hilltop Monitor Newcomer Awards – Zach Gilmore and Jolia Bernal 

The Hilltop Monitor Community Outreach and Engagement Awards – Trenton David Brink, Alexis D. Harper and Koda Payton

The Hilltop Monitor Editorial Leadership Awards – Brian Jordan Bartels, Trenton David Brink, Agatha Echenique, Alexis D. Harper, Claire Henry, Koda Payton and Liz Payton

Inscape Poem of the Year – Marquis E. Whitmire 

Inscape Fiction of the Year – John Anderson
Inscape Creative Nonfiction of the Year – Morgan Tuttle 

Inscape Fine Art of the Year (Visual Art, Digital Art, or Music) – Ashlynn Steller

Inscape Outstanding Editor Award – Allison J. Hillman

The John and Mary Pritchard Award Humanitarian Service Award
The Pritchard Humanitarian Service Award is given annually to a William Jewell Student who commits to engaging with persons in need and to supporting the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Cameron Wayne Huett

Mortar Board 

Mortar Board is a national senior honor society demonstrating the ideals of leadership, scholarship and service. Members are selected through an application process and must meet the ideals of the society and have a grade point average in the top 35% of their junior class.

Miriam R. Allen 

Kaci V. Behrens 

Mary Catherine Capron
D’Asya Renee Coller-Williams 

Eli River Engledow

Grace Olivia Faulkner 

Megan E. Hall 

Alyssa Hash 

Claire Emma Hays 

Claire Henry 

Jenna Nicole Hultgren 

Carly Mantia 

Jolee Grace McMullin 

Heather Danielle Pangborn 

Rachel Reaves

Megan Monroe 

Rachel Ann Schon 

Payton Sarah Totzke 

Morgan Marie Tuttle 

Kathryn E. Wagenheim 

Caitlyn Michelle Webb

Phi Epsilon Society
Students qualify for induction into Phi Epsilon if they are among the top 10% of the graduates with a minimum of 60 credit hours at William Jewell College. 

Kaci V. Behrens 

Mary Catherine Capron 

Jayme Coon 

Mallory Jo Dickerson 

Michelle Mee Distefano 

Alexandra Entz 

Agatha Echenique 

Megan E. Hall 

Frida Hammarlund 

Claire Emma Hays 

Paige Liston 

Hattie Evelyn Marks Miller 

Madalyn Newton 

Charlene Audrey Bautista 

Rachell Ann Schon 

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Simms 

Graduating with Honors 

For students who complete a project either within their declared major – and thus graduate with honors – or outside their declared major – and thus graduate with distinction. Eligible students must have a minimum institutional grade point average of 3.5 at the time of graduation and must have completed A-level work on a research or creative project over two or more semesters. Finished projects are rigorously evaluated by specially appointed faculty committees 

Graduating with Honors in Philosophy – Agatha Echenique 

Graduating with Honors in Digital Media Communication – Claire Henry 

Oxbridge Honors Program
For completion of the Oxbridge Honors Program, an honors program of tutorials and examinations through which a small number of selected outstanding students pursue chosen areas of concentration. As its name implies, it is an American adaptation of the educational method of the great English universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Oxbridge students typically spend their junior year studying at Oxford University. 

Agatha Echenique 

William Laycock 

Kathleen Winters 

Agatha Echenique

Agatha Echenique is the Chief Editor for The Hilltop Monitor. He is a senior majoring in Oxbridge: History of Ideas and Philosophy. This is his third year on staff.

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