Jewell celebrates Wellness and Mindfulness Month

Photo by Christina Kirk

William Jewell College’s Student Life is promoting February as “Wellness and Mindfulness Month” to address the stressors and obstacles spurred by COVID-19. 

Student Life sent out an email to the student body explaining the thought process behind the initiative. 

“The last several months have proven to be difficult due to the pandemic, which resulted in social isolation and possibly illness as well as financial issues for many families,” read the email. “To help support you in your own mental health and well-being, we are offering several activities for you to consider during the month of February.”

Flyers have been and will continue to be emailed to students each week in February with suggestions for activities. Each respective day of the week assigns tasks that promote movement, organization, nurture, gratitude, creation, connection and reflection. 

For example, the flyer for the second week of February gave a task related to creativity for Friday. 

“Cook a new meal or order in from [a] place you’ve been wanting to try,” the flyer said. 

All the activities suggested are easy and attainable tasks intended to promote a calm and mindful environment for college students.   

Dr. Tricia Hager, licensed psychologist, health service provider and director of counseling services at Jewell offers information for how students can be involved during “Wellness and Mindfulness Month.”

“Students can get involved by posting them[selves] engaging in the wellness and mindfulness activities to social media and encouraging their friends to participate these activities,” said Dr. Hager.

Hannah Koehler

Hannah Koehler is the page editor for Arts & Culture on The Hilltop Monitor. She is a senior majoring in English and psychological science.

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