2019 World Series recap

Photo by Jose Morales on Unsplash

Baseball season has been uneventful for Kansas City, but that doesn’t mean that it has been uneventful for America. The Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals faced off in the 2019 World Series, which was full of ups and downs, and big comebacks. 

The Astros beat the notorious New York Yankees to gain their spot in the world series, while the Houston Nationals clinched the wild card spot. From there The Astros lost the first two games in a seven-game series but defied the odds when they came back by taking Games 3 and 4. 

Game 5 was eventful, maybe because of the playing – but also because of special appearances. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump showed up in Houston and got many criticisms from the crowd. Along with the president, there were two models dressed in yellow directly behind home plate flashing Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole as a media stunt. However, the Astros didn’t wobble and took the game 7-1.

The Nationals came back and won Game 6, tying up the series 3-3 and making Game 7 an exciting one. The Nationals claimed their first World Series championship in franchise history, winning 6-2. 

“I feel like everybody was rooting for [Houston] and we were kind of the underdog in this Series, but it goes to show that you can’t ever count anybody out,” said second baseman Howie Kendrick.

The power of the underdog has been a common theme throughout these past years in the MLB. The Kansas City Royals took the World Series crown in 2015, and in 2016 the Chicago Cubs broke their curse and brought home the trophy against the Cleveland Indians. In 2017, the Astros won in a series of seven games against the LA Dodgers. 

The past World Series in 2018 was a bit of a boring series, and many criticized it. 

“From games that stretched way past most people’s bedtimes to the obsessive nature of modern managing, staying engaged throughout the Red Sox’s run felt more like a duty than an escape,” critics said.

Luckily, the 2019 World Series brought the game of baseball back alive. After the win, the Nationals are seen rushing the field and tackling their star pitcher, Stephen Strasburg, who also became the 2019 MVP of the season.

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