It has now been a year since William Jewell College implemented Jewellverse. The College began providing each student with an iPad, hoping to enhance the learning environment with modern technology.

The College has embraced Jewellverse, and iPads are becoming central to the education provided at WJC.iPadGraphic

“According to a student survey last spring, 72 percent of the respondents said iPads were required for two or more of their classes,” said Elise Fisher of the IT Department at WJC.

Many students use their iPads even more than that.

“I use my iPad in every class. I am utilizing its benefits the entire class period,” said Tony McBroom, senior nursing major.

The iPads have reshaped the structure of in-class learning and have influenced students’ entire school experience.

“I use my iPad out of class just as much. It has basically become my main electronic resource,” said McBroom.

The iPads consolidate many of a student’s educational resources. McBroom appreciates the convenience and simplicity they provide.

“I can turn in assignments, work on papers and work practically anywhere as long as I have wifi,” he said.

Jewellverse’s implementation has reduced the amount of paper the College is using. McBroom guesses that he uses about 90 percent less paper than he did before he received his iPad. The same goes for the WJC staff.

“Student Life embraced the technology by immediately going paperless in the dorm check-in process,” said Fisher.

Most high schools do not provide each student with the technology that is provided by WJC. Although this is another change first-years face, some see this as immediately beneficial.

“The technology is convenient. You always have your iPad with you and everything is in one place. It makes things a little bit easier,” said Sutton Porth, first-year.

Students and faculty have largely approved of the transition and have embraced the technology.

“We have gotten positive feedback in the form of testimonials from the community.  Students appreciate the ready availability of course materials in iTunesU and other apps, faculty report saving time and paper using iBooks and staff have created iTunesU courses and iBooks to guide students through registration and financial aid processes. All report the technology has improved the student experience,” said Fisher.

Feature photo by Kyle Rivas. Graphic by Kelsey Neth.