A review of Twenty One Pilots’ Trench

Oct. 5 marked the release of Twenty One Pilots’ newest album “Trench,” described by some as their most important album release yet.

After taking a three year sabbatical, which they have done between every album they have released before, Twenty One Pilots have put out an album that sounds more prophetic and rugged – as if they climbed the unexplored regions in their minds to find a balance between rock and modern electronic-pop.

It is custom for a band’s previous work to be brought to examination after the release of a new album. Compared to preceding works, Twenty One Pilots took a more mature, deep-seated approach to their music. “Blurryface,” characterized by basic musical movements and overplayed sounds, is a polar opposite when compared to “Trench.”

“Blurryface” is in your face and intoxicating, energetic and energizing, passionate and praiseful. Songs like “Stressed Out” are plucky, choppy and poppy – everything depressed teens appreciate. Others like “Goner” are deep and reflective about times of pain.

Differing from the preceding album, “Trench” is calm and considered, tender and touchy, visceral and venerable. Songs like “Jumpsuit” demonstrate an energy that is new and refreshing – in relation to the alternative-pop scene. Yet others like “Bandito,” are xerox copies of earlier works, a disappointing turn for many.

Though Twenty One Pilots’ newest album is a better expression of what modern music should sound like, they have failed to hit the broad side of the barn. Their explicit effort to be popular and hip has hindered their ability to adapt to changing times and past musical truths.

Fortunately, they are not the only band that suffers from this disease.“Trench” shows the new mature adult-like band that Twenty One Pilots are morphing into. I predict their next album to fully transform into a new rock persona, extending their listening to a new group of followers.

Although Twenty One Pilots’ newest album does not resonate with me, that does not mean I am the keeper of all things true. We as individuals study music in different ways. For many, Twenty One Pilots are a cool breeze in a time of musical heat.

Photo courtesy of Twenty One Pilots

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