Advice Column: How do I hold on to my Cardinal Dollars?

Question: Cardinal Dollars are getting low. How can I hold out until the end of the year? How do I make the drinks I usually get on the cheap?

We’ve all been there: it’s April and your Cardinal Dollars are dwindling at a rapid rate. You don’t want to bug your friend who somehow has $200 left, but you have about $16. It sounds impossible, but let me tell you how to make those $16 last for the next three weeks.

As tempting as it is to grab a mocha frappe on a sunny April day, those delicious beverages can set you back almost four cardinal dollars. In this economy, we need a better option. Here are some cold beverage choices that are easier on the wallet.

  1. Tea + Lemonade: Both @thebeak and The Perch offer a selection of iced teas – green, peachy green, sangria, passion or black – that you can pair with lemonade for a delicious drink. They are $2.75, about half the price of a frappe or smoothie.
  2. Flavored Lemonade: Perhaps tea is not your thing. If that is the case, try a lemonade flavor with any of the syrups available. A favorite among my friend group is peach lemonade, but others praise the strawberry lemonade. Try it out. It’s about $2.75.
  3. Flavored water: If you are really strapped for Cardinal Dollars, consider purchasing a flavored water. They are pretty sweet and very cheap: only 85 cents! My friend loves the raspberry water as well as the strawberry water.

If you’re not in the mood for something cold, consider these hot beverages that are not nearly as expensive as your chai tea latte.

  1. Hot tea: A tall hot tea is only $1. @thebeak offers ten different teas ranging from minty to fruity. Some of these teas have caffeine while others don’t. So if you are looking for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, make sure you read the label!
  2. Coffee: You can get a grande coffee for $2.05 at @thebeak, but if you have Jewell coffee mug ($4), you can refill that coffee for only 60 cents!
  3. Shot of espresso: A shot of espresso runs about 75 cents. If you order two shots, it is still less than a latte and double the caffeine. Consider this option during finals week when you need a late night caffeine rush.

I hope you find one of these options a suitable substitute in these final few weeks. Not only will you look cool and hip because you ordered something different, but your friends with extra dollars will appreciate that you didn’t mooch off of them. Happy almost finals, friends.

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