AFE: Student body votes on department superlatives

Critical Thinking Banner, Pillsbury, Jewell Quad. Courtesy of Catherine Dema.

In a time-honored tradition at William Jewell College, the student body collectively votes for superlative awards for different majors in the different academic programs offered at Jewell. The most recent vote was held last week, and the awards for each program are listed below.

Accounting: Biggest Personalities

ACT-In: Least Likely to Be a Double Major

Biochemistry: Least Likely to Go on a Medical Mission Trip

Biology: Most Sane

Business Administration: Most Hardworking

Chemistry: Most Likely to Follow Lab Safety Protocol

Civil Engineering: Least Likely to Wear a Neon Yellow Vest

Communication: Most Likely to Win the Faculty Award

Data Science: Most Explainable Major

Digital Media Communication: Hardest Major

Economics: Least Likely to Be Concerned About the Suez Canal Blockage

Education: Most Likely to Earn a Six-Figure Income

English: Best Postgrad Job Prospects

French: Most Popular Major

History: Least Likely to Check out a Library Book

Mathematics: Most Likely to Know How to Write an Essay

Music Education: Least Likely to Be Heard in the PLC

Nonprofit Leadership: Most Likely to be the CEOs of a Fortune 500 Company

Nursing: Least Likely to Complain About the Amount of Work They Have

Oxbridge: Most Humble

Philosophy: Most Coherent

Physics: Most Social

Political Science: Most Likely to Get Elected

Psychological Science: Most Emotionally Stable

Spanish: Least Likely to Talk About Their Study Abroad Experience

Swim Team: Least Cult-Like

Theatre: Most Laid Back

Congratulations, Cardinals!

Christina Kirk

Christina Kirk is the Editor-in-Chief of The Hilltop Monitor. She is a senior majoring in Oxbridge: Institutions & Policy and international relations.

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