Art Club organizes events for people to be themselves

After coming back to campus this fall, it is more apparent than ever that what we need right now is to be able to connect with people about our experience this summer. Students need a place to express their thoughts and feelings in a time when they can feel more disconnected than ever. The William Jewell College Art Club has been doing their best to connect people and allow people to be themselves in this scary time.

Art Club has begun holding events on campus, and many of them have had a very positive reception. The Hilltop Monitor sat down with Isabel Warden, sophomore public relations major and president of the club, to talk about what they are doing to hold events and help build connections through art even through the COVID-19 precautions.

“Art Club is a judgement free place where people can express themselves,” said Warden.

Warden made it clear that Art Club is not about being great at art but more about self-expression and connecting with others.

“I suck at art – and I’m the president!” Warden said.

She then expressed that she wants anyone, regardless of ability, to feel free to come to any events or even to become an official member.

With 22 official members, Art Club is able to plan some fun events, and they meet every other week to come up with ideas. So far, the club has held three events. During their introductory Zoom meeting, everyone decorated name tags and got to know one another. You might remember that a few weeks ago, they also held an event called “Watercolor on the Quad,” where people could come and paint anything they wanted, judgment-free. This past week, they collaborated with RepresentASIAN on a Henna Tattoo event, giving out beautiful Henna drawings to anyone who came.

At all events, the attendance included official members, and people simply wanting to join in on the fun. The Henna event welcomed over 30 people who all came to get Henna drawings. Warden also said that the club is planning two different Halloween events in October.

“We welcome everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability. We are a welcoming group wanting to provide a relaxing time for people to do art,” said Warden.

If you are interested in becoming a member, Art Club meets every other Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Check @jewellartclub on Instagram for more information, or contact Isabel Warden at her school email.

Photos by Catherine Dema.

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