AFE: Artist Feature: Unknown whiteboard artist

A new artist has emerged on campus whose identity is unknown. Their canvas is the whiteboard, and artworks can be seen in prominent spaces across campus. Who is this artistic virtuoso? When will they reveal the meaning behind such powerful pieces of art?


I find this artwork incredibly emotional. The anatomical representation of the heart really portrays what the artist is feeling. This is especially felt when the heart is placed in contrast with the dynamic wording that offsets it to the left. I truly wish to learn more about this artist and how they are seeking to express their painful life experiences.

This piece was adjacent to the heart and offers thoughtful contemplation on the mechanistics of life. The word “surgery” is underlined twice. What does this signify? Is this potentially a list of all that the artist has gone through in their life? Their work is inspiring on a whole new level. The graphic black and white imagery is breathtaking and almost darkly comical.

We see now that the artist has grown accustomed to their medium and has branched into the realm of color. The use of green in contrast with the white is still very striking. I ponder as I observe the potential abbreviations with the connecting arrows. This map signifies something, but it is the viewer’s role to interpret this artwork.

I am eager to await the newest provocative work by this unknown artist.

Jesse Lundervold

Jesse is a senior chemistry and studio art major and the Lifestyle Editor for the Hilltop Monitor.

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