Behind Jewell’s Rankings: Washington Monthly and Money Magazine

Part three of a three part series aimed at understanding William Jewell College’s placement in six national rankings.

The Washington Monthly provides a college guide that consists of top school lists. The lists offered are: Liberal Arts schools, Master’s programs, Baccalaureate, Affordable Elite Colleges and Best Bang for the Buck.

The ranking is based on three categories: social mobility, research and service. Each category consists of characteristics that result in an overall ranking for the school. William Jewell College was ranked #89 on The Washington Monthly’s Top 100 list of Liberal Arts Schools. Social mobility consists of the percentage of students receiving Pell Grants, net price and predicted graduation rate vs. actual grade rate. Jewell came in with 27 percent of students receiving Pell grants. The price of Jewell was a net price of $21,141. Last but not least, the predicted grad rate vs. actual rate was 69-66 percent.

The research category is made up of a Bachelor’s to PhD rank and research expenditure spent in millions. Jewell rated 84 in the Bachelor’s to PhD category but did not spend even a million in the research expenditure section.

The ranks given by Peace Corps and ROTC to Jewell were 123 and 97. For federal work-study funds spent on service, Jewell was ranked 17 percent. Community service participation and hours served was an 85 and service staff, courses and financial aid support rank was 21. Another resource that provides a list of Best Colleges for Your Money is Money Magazine. There are 665 schools on Money Magazine’s Best Colleges list.

Their list also consists of three categories, however they are different. They include a ranking for quality of education, affordability and outcomes. Each consists of four characteristics.

The quality of education includes: six-year graduation rate, peer quality, student perception of quality and value-added graduation rate. Affordability is based on the net price of a degree, debt, student loan default risk and value-added student loan default risk. Outcome is made up of early and mid career earnings, earnings adjusted by majors, value added earnings and career services.

Jewell came in #156 on Money Magazine’s list of Best Colleges for Your Money. The college received a B+ grade and a 3.23 ranking. This list also provided an enrollment number, acceptance rate, average high school GPA and average annual salary within five years. Jewell was listed as having 1,052 students and a net price of $115,778. Acceptance rate was recorded as 61 percent and the average high school GPA as 3.69. For Jewell students the average annual salary within five years is $45, 700.


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