Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling stun in “La La Land”

From the very beginning, Damien Chazelle’s  “La La Land” displays an exotic introduction of the hopes and dreams of young, aspiring adults who have left behind their hometowns in search of fame and fortune in Los Angeles, also known as La La Land. “La La Land” was an exotic mix of music and dancing, combined with the classic story of a young couple in love, aspiring to reach their dreams.

Emma Stone delivered a flawless performance as Mia, a young girl hoping to become a Broadway actress. Accompanying her was the stunning Ryan Gosling, who portrayed Sebastian, a retro-obsessed musician aspiring to open his own jazz club. In the midst of trying to make it big, Mia is forced to work as a barista at a coffee shop, while Sebastian takes gigs playing Christmas carols at a restaurant to pay the bills. After they meet, Mia and Sebastian tirelessly motivate each other to reach their dreams and to never settle for anything less than their lofty ambitions. Each serves as motivation for the other to achieve their dreams, and not only that, they possess a deep connection that will stir the hearts of all young lovers. However, the most inspiring part of the film is not the love itself, rather the way Mia and Sebastian aspire to accomplish their dreams.

Currently nominated for 14 Oscars, “La La Land” dominates the floor with the most nominations this year, and the most since the release of James Cameron’s Titanic in 1997. Among the “La La Land” nominations are Stone for Best Actress in a Leading Role, Gosling for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Damien Chazelle for Directing, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography.

Artist Justin Hurwitz composed the soundtrack for “La La Land” and could not have done a more outstanding job. The soundtrack brought the movie to life and is credited for half of the film’s success. Despite his lack of film scoring experience for major motion pictures, Hurwitz has been transformed into an instant celebrity in the music world for his extraordinary score to “La La Land.” Hurwitz is currently up for three Oscar nominations including, Best Original Song for “City of Stars” and “Audition (The Fools Who Dreamt)” and Best Original Score.

Despite its familiar storyline, Chazelle hit it out of the park with “La La Land.” In the beginning, it may be difficult to understand the purpose of the film, and you might find yourself wondering if Mia and Sebastian can actually meet their aspirations. But by the end of the film you will be dazzled with excitement (and slightly shocked), while you walk out of the theater humming Hurwitz’s catchy melody. Overall, “La La Land” earned 5/5 stars.

Cover photo courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

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