Homecoming week kicked off with Campus Sing and Mabee Games

Monday, Oct. 1, the first event for William Jewell’s 2018 homecoming took place. Students gathered at the Mabee Center to participate in Campus Sing and the Mabee Games.

There are six teams taking part in homecoming this year. The fraternities and sororities paired together are Alpha Gamma Delta (AGD) and Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI), Delta Zeta (DZ) and Kappa Alpha (KA), and Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) and Lambda Chi Alpha (LCA). Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) is competing as their own team since there is an uneven number of fraternities and sororities.

The other two teams competing are the first-years and the independents.

The overall theme for homecoming is Into The Cinema. The team themes are as follows: Disney movies (AGD-FIJI), sports (DZ-KA), musicals (ZTA-LCA), chick flicks (ADPi), space (first-years) and superheroes (independents).

The first event that took place was Campus Sing. In Campus Sing, teams make up a song and dance that goes with their team’s theme but they redo the lyrics to make the songs applicable to Jewell.

Five teams competed in Campus Sing and the winner was AGD and FIJI.

After Campus Sing, teams participated in the Mabee Games. During the Mabee Games each team has certain team members participate in different events.

The events at the Mabee Games were building a human pyramid, tug-of-war, food relay and a hula hoop race. Everyone then moved outside to participate in the egg toss and slip ‘n slide competition.

At the end of each night of homecoming one team is awarded the spirit stick. ZTA and LCA were awarded the spirit stick after the Mabee Games were over.

Cover photo courtesy of Spencer Ruwe.

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