Humans of Jewell

“I fell and had to have surgery on my knee, and I could hardly get around until I got my MRI. That was a challenge because I was scared and I was happy to get it over with, to find out that I could walk again. I couldn’t even sit down in a chair without another chair underneath my foot because it hurt so bad. But I came out of it. It was a relief when I came back to work on my knee because I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to come back. I thought they were going to make me retire.”


“When I worked in Ely the girls used to say, ‘We felt down in the dumps today, and your smile brought us around.’ That always made me feel good. I pray every morning that I’ll have a good day, and generally I do. I want to be able to help anybody if I can.”


“I think the world of Kiki [Strecker], and she’s good to everybody. And Taylor [Strecker] got a cart assigned to me because I’m 75, so now I have my own cart. I’m glad Taylor thought enough of me.”


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