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Freshman nursing major Jailyn Marshall opens up about her musical talents and what it’s like being a division II athlete. When asked what she loves the most about music as a creative outlet she said:

“Expression. I get to do what I love and be myself, it’s a way to show who I am. It is also an amazing stress reliever. I could sit for hours and play my ukulele or keyboard and pour out the things I’m feeling. Ultimately it’s just so great for the mind.”

Jailyn discussed where her inspiration for music came from.

“I really got my inspiration from YouTube. In terms of the ukulele, there is a youtuber named Doddie Clark and she’s known for being very personable with her audience, and she just writes beautiful compositions. Seeing her made me want write and express myself.”


When asked what her favorite music is to play she said.

“For me anything R&B. I love listening and singing to it. It’s always the first thing that I jam out to. Growing up I listened to the classic R&B like Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind & Fire, and this really shaped the type of music that I enjoying writing and performing today. Listening to them makes me want to grow with my music and become a better performer and writer.”

How do you balance being creative through music with the competitive spirit that you get through golf?

“With golf you have to be creative when it comes to certain shots. So, in ways, music helps me with the creativity that is found within the sport I love. It’s great to grow in one because you grow in the other as well. With golf it’s a great way to work hard, but then be able to see the positive outcomes of my efforts.”


Jailyn discussed her future goals for both golf and music.

“In terms of golf I absolutely love it. If I were to pursue my dream it would be to become a professional. Musically it would be great to become a performer, but even if I’m doing it everyday til the day I die I’ll be fine.”

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