Humans of Jewell

Haley Sloan, first-year, from Joplin, Mo.: “The moment I was able to the Hill home was when I experienced the Jewell community I had heard about. I can walk around campus and not feel like a stranger. The professors are even so welcoming, and knowing that I can always find a familiar face in the dining hall [that] makes me feel at home here.”


Olivia Haug, first-year, from Marshall, Mo.: “In my high school experience, the freshmen and seniors didn’t really talk to each other, but I was excited to feel welcome by the upperclassmen at Jewell. Nothing really prepared me for college, so the help of older students was really awesome. The only thing I can compare to college to is a summer camp that I’ve gone to for the past few years called Kanakuk, but college is just a whole new thing for me.”


From left to right: Olivia Haug and Haley Sloan. Photos by Danika Bryant

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