Jewell football to be held off-campus

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For the 2023 season, William Jewell College’s football games are being temporarily relocated due to the construction of The Link Project, which includes the development of a new amphitheater-style stadium.

The previous Jewell stadium, Greene Stadium, was demolished in June, and while the construction is underway, football games will be hosted at Liberty North High School, according to Jewell’s Assistant Athletics Director for Communication Ellison JaeLynn. This article explores the reasons behind the relocation, the new location’s features and benefits and the anticipated return of games to the Jewell campus.

“The primary reason for moving Jewell football games off campus is the ongoing construction of The Link Project, which involves the creation of a new stadium,” Ellison said. “The demolition of Greene Stadium, the former football and soccer home since 1955, necessitated the relocation. The construction site lacks essential elements such as stadium seating, parking facilities and other amenities required for hosting football games.”

According to Ellison, for the 2023 season, Jewell football games will take place at Liberty North High School. The decision to choose this location was based on the longstanding partnership between Jewell and the Liberty Public School District. In the past, both high schools in Liberty have played their full schedules on the Jewell campus.

“Although Liberty North’s stadium does not match the exact seating capacity of Greene Stadium, it offers a high-quality facility with upgraded technology opportunities,” Ellison said.  “While the seating width may be slightly narrower, the stadium provides elevated seating and also offers seating for visiting fans on the opposite side. The locker room facilities at Liberty North are adequate and within a comparable walking distance to the field, similar to the on-campus facilities.”

Ellison also discussed the expected positive and negative consequences of this change: “The temporary relocation presents several advantages for fans and players. The partnership with Liberty North allows for an outstanding space for the 2023 season, fostering a positive relationship with Liberty Schools. The new location also provides upgraded technology and facilities compared to the aging Greene Stadium. However, there are a few inconveniences associated with the change, such as students having to travel off campus to attend or play games and the logistical challenges of transporting equipment on game days. Nonetheless, these temporary drawbacks will be outweighed by the long-term benefits of a new home stadium on the Jewell campus.”

“The new stadium on the Jewell campus is expected to be completed this winter, in time for the 2024 season. The college eagerly looks forward to returning to their familiar grounds on The Hill. The staff and players have had a positive experience at Liberty North, appreciating the accommodating and tremendous support received from the school. However, the anticipation of a brand new stadium on campus creates excitement and a sense of homecoming for the Jewell community,” said Ellison.

In conclusion with what JaeLynn Ellison said, ”the temporary relocation of Jewell Football games off campus is a result of the ongoing construction of a new stadium as part of The Link Project”. The move to Liberty North High School for the 2023 season has provided an exceptional space for fans and players, showcasing the strong partnership between William Jewell College and Liberty Schools. While there have been some inconveniences associated with the change, the upcoming completion of a new stadium on the Jewell campus promises an exciting future for football games and reinforces the college’s commitment to its athletic program.

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