Jewell softball season begins

Softball is starting off their season in full swing. They opened their season on the road as they played a large Great Lakes Valley Conference tournament in Arkansas, leaving with a record of 2-2. Coach Dustin Combs outlined with “The Hilltop Monitor” his goals and hopes for this season along with his roster. He discussed how good weather permitted scrimmaging, which often doesn’t occur before the season starts due to cold weather.

“It really is going to help prepare us for Arkansas, and get us more comfortable with plays before the season starts,” said Coach Combs discussing the incentive to scrimmage.

Coach Combs also discussed his roster and stated his expectations for this season.

“In terms of our roster and positions we are going to have a lot of talent packed into the midfield. We have a lot of returning talent here and I’m expecting a lot of upperclassmen to step up,” he said, “Our pitching has a lineup of five really strong well rounded pitchers.”

He also discussed his hopes for the first-year class.

“Second and third base, I’m really looking towards some of the first-year girls to step up because they have already showcased a lot of their talent,” he said, “We also lost one of our seniors last year who was an extremely talented catcher. Therefore I’m looking to a lot of the freshman girls for our catching.”

Softball has a lot of GLVC tournaments scheduled for this season, and as Coach Combs mentioned a lot of them are home games. The season opener is March 6th, and you can come check out any more home games and tournaments throughout the season. So come out and support your fellow Cards starting March 6.

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