William Jewell College welcomed four new professors to the Hill at the beginning of the fall 2016 semester.

Dr. Beth Hazels joined the business department. She currently teaches two sections of both Foundations of Business and Business Law & Ethics.

“I love teaching Business Law because there is so much to discuss and it is always changing,” said Hazels.

Hazels, a Jewell alumna, is very familiar with the campus.

“It is fun to be back on campus as a professor, something I never imagined while I was a student here. The campus and college have changed so much which makes it exciting,” said Hazels.

Her familiarity with the campus has made it easier to adjust to her teaching lifestyle. She understands that students at Jewell are involved in a lot.

“I think understanding what a liberal arts education is and what being at a school like Jewell means helps me as a professor.  I understand where the students are coming from and how much they tend to have going on,” said Hazels.

The nursing department welcomed Dr. Aimee McDonald to their program this year. She is teaching Health Care Research/Theory/Practice and Population Health Nursing.

“Population Health exposes students to a different perspective of nursing. In Nursing Research students begin to understand the importance of basing nursing practice on scientific evidence. In both I get to interact with students and see them learn and grow as budding professionals,” said McDonald.

Despite only working at Jewell for one semester, McDonald has already found the campus to be a welcoming place.

“People are so friendly and welcoming. It has truly made me love this experience and feel at home here,” said McDonald.

Two other new professors that joined the Jewell community this year are Dr. Will Lindquist and Dr. Clayton Stephenson.

Lindquist teaches classes for civil engineering, a new program to Jewell this year. He currently teaches two classes: General Physics I and College Physics Lab I.

Stephenson joined the psychology department teaching Cognitive Psychology and Introduction to Psychology.