Opinion: Jon Ossoff, The Man TikTok Simped For

“Lithuanian-Americans for Lithuanian-Americans”by Thomas Cizauskas is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

TikTok goes through phases of obsession. One day the trending video is a catchy dance and the next it’s dalgona coffee. Recently, the obsession has moved to Jon Ossoff. One such TikTok had the caption of “Suddenly I love watching daily Senate debates #jonossoff.” The video itself shows Ossoff walking across the Senate room floor. Another video, posted by @simpforjonossoff, depicts Ossoff dancing with a fast-food worker. Another, with 1.1 Million likes, shows Ossoff winking at the camera during his swearing-in with the caption “mr. senator.” Another shows a girl who says, “When I say I’m bisexual, that means I like women and Jon Ossoff. My man, congrats on your win. My DMs are open.” So who exactly is the man behind this internet simp fest?

A Georgia native, Jon Ossoff ran for the Senate during the 2020 presidential election. Ossoff’s website presents his stances on several different policies. 

A statement on the website which sums up his political stances states, “I am fighting for great health care for every American with a strong Public Option and strengthened Affordable Care Act, to defend Medicare and Social Security, for historic investment in clean energy and infrastructure, to lower taxes for working families and small businesses, to defend Roe V. Wade and the privacy of women’s health care, to enact major criminal justice reform, to get dark money out of politics and end Citizens United.” 

The 2020 Senate race was an extremely important one. After the election, the 100 Senate seats are split 50/50 between the Democrats and Republicans. Jon Ossoff was the last Senator confirmed to the Senate. His confirmation came as a relief for the Democrats and a disappointment for the Republicans. 

Now, Vice President Kamala Harris is the tie-breaker in the Senate, thanks to Jon Ossoff’s election. His internet fanbase rallied behind him the whole time, a new wave of videos surfacing after news of his election.

Still to this day, TikTok shows its appreciation for Jon Ossoff after every Senate hearing he appears at.

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