Lacrosse: A new sport at Jewell

This year, a new sport was added to the arsenal here at William Jewell College: Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse. The Head Coach of the Men’s Lacrosse team, Ryan Burke, says, “We understand we’re young but that doesn’t mean we can’t outwork our competition,” as well as “I can’t say enough good things about this group.” 

Burke compared Lacrosse with some other well-known sports in saying, “Offense and defense in lacrosse has picked up a lot of the style of basketball, especially with the evolution of picks in our sport. Our subbing tendencies follow hockey pretty closely with It being on the fly. Our game is ever evolving and will continue to change as more players and coaches get into the sport. It’s a very exciting sport to watch.”

It is important to note that Women’s Lacrosse is quite different from Men’s, especially when it comes to rules and equipment. For example, Dick’s Sporting Goods says, “When it comes to gear, here’s the most important differentiator: men’s lacrosse allows checking, while the women’s game doesn’t. This means that male players have to face the constant threat of getting bumped or poked with a stick.”

Photo of Jewell Women’s Lacrosse Team 2023-24 provided by Sara Polovina.

The game schedules have not been released yet, but you can support the women’s team by showing up to the October 7th scrimmages against Benedictine College, Missouri Western University, and Quincy University. All home games for both the Women’s and the Men’s Lacrosse teams will be located at the Spratt Sports Complex, East of the Jewell Fraternity Houses. Keep an eye out for the schedules, as they will be released soon!

Check out the William Jewell Athletics Men’s Lacrosse page by clicking the link here and Women’s Lacrosse page here.

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