Local Shops for the Holidays!

As finals week is coming up, it is understandable if you do not have enough energy to think of different gifts to buy for your friends or family. I suggest that you do not panic because there are so many amazing local stores in the Kansas City area, and even in Liberty. I will give you a short guide to finding the best last-minute gifts!

Anna Marie’s Teas – Liberty, MO

Located right on the historic downtown square of Liberty, it will take you only 10 minutes to walk from Jewell to Anna Marie’s Teas. My first impression of this tea shop is the amazing smell of many different tea blends, from herbal to strong caffeinated tea. With a full wall of tea blends, you can easily spend over 20 minutes in the shop trying to pick your favorite tea. The shop also sells decorative tea sets or cute tea bottles to make a perfect gift basket!

As a tea lover, I have visited the tea shop many times during the past two years at Jewell. I usually get their limited holiday tea for the Fall season. I also recommend their lavender Earl Grey tea. It is my necessity before I walk to class every morning. 

Under The Covers – Kansas City, MO

My favorite book that I bought from Under the Covers, taken by me.

Under The Covers is a new bookstore specializing in romance literature that recently opened in downtown Kansas City. Even if you don’t need a gift for anyone, I suggest you make a stop and get a gift for yourself. After the visit, you will learn about many subtypes of romance books: sport, teen, mysterious, classic, royals-related and even spicy romance novels. 

In addition to a full wall of books, they have a designated check-in spot for you to take cute pictures or read through some books before you decide to buy them. Also, don’t forget to check out their unique handmade bookmarks. 

Made in KC on the Plaza – Kansas City, MO

Our Saturday morning coffee at Made In KC, taken by Grace Peterson

This coffee shop/gift shop is a must-stop when you visit the Plaza in Kansas City. The first thing I suggest you do is to grab a hot lavender cappuccino before you explore the gift shop. Right next to the coffee shop, you will find classic KC barbecue sauces along with many other hot sauces and seasonings that are made locally. Deeper in the store is a local ceramic shop, KC T-shirt store and a small bar. If you are above 21, feel free to buy a cocktail and meet some new people while shopping for KC vodka and whiskey. The other half of the shop is the designated space for KC Honey, local home-good stores and a small school shop with cute notebooks and pens. 

Even though this location is a bit far from Jewell, it is the best place to get your friends some fancy gifts this holiday season!

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