Music to Look Forward to This Summer

When it comes to music, summer releases are often the most memorable and most awarded. With new releases come memories to be made and a hope that we don’t make Iggy Azalea popular like we did last year. Here are some albums to look forward to this summer:

The first album I’m looking forward to is Tallest Man on Earth’s fourth album, titled “Dark Bird is Home,” to be released May 12. Commonly compared to the great Bob Dylan, the lead singer Kristian Matsson has vocals that have been held in high regard. Tallest Man on Earth has become a contemporary folk standard with a consistent sound and skilled lyricism. They have released two singles from the album, “Sagres” and “Dark Bird is Home.” The singles show an overall polish that the first three albums lack and demonstrate that the overall production of this album will be better.

Coming up May 18 is Brandon Flower’s, lead singer of the The Killers, sophomore release as a solo artist. The upcoming album, titled “The Desired Effect,” definitely goes back to the electronic sound of the earlier Killers’ albums. Brandon Flowers has already released four songs from the “The Desired Effect.” Three singles specifically make me think this is going to be the best release Flowers has had as a solo artist and as part of the band since The Killers fourth album, “Day and Age. “Can’t Deny my Love,” “Lonely Town” and “I Can Change” are musically engaging and illustrate the diversity of the singer. However, “Still Want You” is quite possibly one of the most ridiculous songs he has ever released. If “The Desired Effect” stays far away from the eccentric and unwarranted single “Still Want You,” it’s set to be my favorite album of the summer.

While Brandon Flowers’ anticipated release was a pleasant surprise, “English Graffiti” by The Vaccines is the album I’ve been waiting for. The band hasn’t released a full album since 2012. Singles “Handsome” and “Dream Lover” are very similar to their two previous albums while the newest release, “Minimal Affection,” sounds completely different. The new sound found in the most recent single is definitely a good thing, and it pushes The Vaccines into 2015 with an incorporation of electronic music, rather than leaving them in their sometimes-redundant natural sound.

Nationally, however, the most anticipated album of the summer is Florence + the Machine’s third album, “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful“, set to release June 2Florence Welch is one of the most distinct vocalists of our time and has something so unique it’s nearly impossible to dislike. The only fear I have after listening to the three released singles is that the third album may place her in a spell of redundancy. “What Kind of Man” and “Ship to Wreck” both sound like they could be on her first two albums, but the raw and evocative song “St. Jude” gives me hope for something more. Needless to say, regardless if it strengthens Florence + the Machine or causes the band to flatline, “How Big, How Blue, How Beautifulwill most likely be one of the most popular releases of the summer.

Despite all of these release dates and singles, one confirmation date has made me both skeptical and hopeful. Frank Ocean is set to release his sophomore album, title to be announced, this July. Ocean’s first album exemplified a mastery of modern R&B and catapulted Ocean to fame in the music industry. If this new release is half as good as “Channel Orange,” Frank Ocean will have a successful summer.

These releases promise to be engaging and definitely worth discussing. Other artists releasing albums this summer include Twenty One Pilots, Jason Derulo, Of Monsters and Men and Muse. Between the variety and the number of “comebacks,” this summer is sure to keep me entertained until the highly anticipated releases of Kanye West’s and Rihanna’s albums this fall.

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