Opinion: Rules and the Royal Family

The royal family captured the hearts of the public as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle May 19, 2018. Since this event, the names of the members of the royal family have been streaming across media headlines and magazine covers. The lifestyles of the royal family have been highlighted, including the many traditions and rules they follow each day.

Some of their rules one might expect, but others stand out as questionable.

Prince Philip, married to Queen Elizabeth, must always walk a few steps behind the queen at all times. In photos featured in the press of this happy couple, Prince Philip is constantly trailing Queen Elizabeth.

Personal displays of affection (PDA) are also frowned upon in public within the royal family.

The members of the royal family adhere to a strict dress code while in the public eye. When traveling, they are sure to pack a full black dress outfit in case of the event of a death or funeral.

Prince George, son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, only wears dress shorts and long socks while in public. According to English tradition, dressing children in shorts instead of trousers is a common practice and signifies that the child is from an upper-class family. When he was young, Prince William was also dressed in dress shorts by his mother, Princess Diana.

Be thankful for your right to vote, because members of the royal family are not allowed to vote or express any political opinions while in public. Always representing with grace and excellence, the royal family must smile and nod when political matters come up in daily conversation.

When the queen stands up, so do all of her guests. When the queen finishes eating her meal, so do you. Respect for the queen is of utmost importance within members of the royal family and the public.

She is watched carefully – so carefully that if she is seen moving her purse from her left arm to her right, her staff is signaled that she is ready to move on to a new conversation and may need help escaping her current conversation.

If you see a member of the royal family strolling across the quad of William Jewell College, do not expect an autograph or a prized selfie. By no circumstances are autographs or selfies allowed with adoring fans of the royal family.

Even the diets and activities of the royal family are carefully managed. Members must be careful to avoid eating shellfish of any kind, due to the high risk of developing food poisoning. Members are also prohibited from playing the game of Monopoly, due to how aggressive and greedy they might become while building their empires.

Although the royal family must adhere to strict rules established many years ago, they are adored by people across the world as they reign with poise and dignity.

New rules are presented and considered as time passes, such as how the heir to the throne can now be male or female. Princess Charlotte, daughter of Prince William, now has the chance to become queen before her uncle, Prince Harry!

Adored by many, the royal family continues to amaze the public, even though many of their traditions and rules may appear to be unnecessary and extravagant.

Photo courtesy of Travel + Leisure. 

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