Photo feature: winter break in Portugal

These photos were taken during my study abroad trip to Portugal in the winter break of 2020. Most of these pictures are of Lisbon, which has many steep hills that provide great moments for panoramic pictures once one is at the top of one of these hills. These pictures are some of my favorite of the ones that I took in Portugal because they really capture just how different daily life in Portugal is, as reflected by the houses. Unlike the bland, gridded residential districts of the United States, Portugal has adopted a much more chaotic, yet cozy, city planning system. Vibrantly colored narrow houses are squashed together, facing narrow cobbled streets, whose cobbles are called calcadas. Many of these houses are also decorated with tiles called azulejos, which are a reminder of the Muslim conquest of Portugal before the 11th century. It is really shocking and humbling to discover that much of the architecture of Lisbon, and Portugal, at large, is older than the United States. 


Agatha Echenique

Agatha Echenique is the Chief Editor for The Hilltop Monitor. He is a senior majoring in Oxbridge: History of Ideas and Philosophy. This is his third year on staff.

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