Preventing finals week from becoming hell week

It is no secret that stress is high during finals week. Are there a few things that you can do to eliminate stress and have a smooth finals week? We think, yes. Here are a few tips to keep your finals prep in check.

Make a list and keep your area tidy.

Before studying, make a list of items to review for each final and keep the list separated by class to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed. Bonus points if you clear your desk or find a tidy place to work; a clear workspace equals a clear head.

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Study in intervals.

Once you’re ready to start studying, take tasks one at a time and focus on one subject. If you struggle with concentration, try setting a timer for 10 minutes and rewarding yourself with five minutes (or less) of TikTok time between each study session. 

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Actively review content.

One of the most important things to remember during finals prep is that studying does not mean rereading. To retain information, it is best to actively engage with a topic, which can range from retaking notes to annotating to explaining concepts to a friend who needs a study break. Focus and intention are all that matters when it comes to studying. You will most likely waste your time just scanning an entire textbook or reading through old notes. What really matters is what you can apply and build upon. 

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Don’t worry too much.

Remember that you have learned a lot over the semester – so give yourself some grace. No matter how you choose to study, it can and will help you in the end. While cramming the night before is not something I would recommend, it is at least something you can do to improve your score on finals. 

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This finals week, try and stay ahead on studying, keep a clear mind and take things one at a time to mitigate stress. 

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