Quiz: Answer these questions about Jewell and we’ll tell you what conspiracy theory you are

William Jewell College. Photo courtesy of William Jewell College.

What is your favorite building on campus?

Which is the best item in the caf?

What is your favorite dorm on campus?

What's your favorite Jewell tradition?

What is the best item served at Jewell time?

What is your favorite Jewell intramural sport?

Image courtesy of John Loo

What is your favorite Roasterie drink?

Which book would you choose?

Which is your favorite department at Jewell?

Are you a critical thinker?

Answer these questions about Jewell, and we'll tell you what conspiracy theory you are
Flat Earth

You are Flat Earth conspiracy! This conspiracy challenges thousands of years of science and tradition – a trendsetter just like you! You are ahead of your time, and people might not understand you because of this fact. Though you often have to convince people to believe you, don't worry – they are just afraid to be as bold and innovative as you are.
JFK Assassination

You are the JFK Assassination conspiracy! Just like this conspiracy, you are very popular and many people believe in you. You are liked by most people and everyone appreciates having you around. While some people might try to put you down they are just jealous that they're not as awesome as you!

You are the Illuminati conspiracy! Just like the Illuminati, you are powerful but like to stay behind the scenes. You are a leader and have great influence over others. Even though people might not always give you the recognition you deserve, know that they do appreciate you!
Area 51

You are Area 51! Just like Area 51, you are well-known and likable! You probably have some controversial opinions but that doesn't scare people away. You have great interactions with others and are a good communicator.
Moon landing was faked

You are the moon landing conspiracy! Just like the moon landing conspiracy, you think outside of the box and don't believe conventional wisdom. People might sometimes think that your ideas are far-fetched, but you know what you believe and always defend it.

You are the Reptilians conspiracy! The reptilian conspiracy – that all prominent figures in society are actually lizards who can shapeshift and appear in human form – is quirky just like you! You are a unique individual and you are always yourself no matter what anyone else thinks. People might think you are a little strange but they just don't understand your ability to go against what's popular. Keep being you!
Clinton Conspiracy Theories

You are the Clinton-related conspiracies! Just like the conspiracies surrounding the Clintons, your valuable traits are numerous! You always stick up for your friends and will do whatever it takes to make them happy. Though people sometimes perceive you as dishonest they know you are just doing what you think is right.
Immortal Vampire Celebrities

You are the Immortal Vampire Celebrities conspiracy! Just like the Immortal Vampire Celebrities conspiracy – which claims many living A-list celebrities are actually vampires who can be seen in portraits from thousands of years ago – you leave an impression wherever you go! You enjoy being around people and everyone notices when you enter a room. Sometimes people are intimidated of you but that's just because you're so popular!

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