Rutliff begins internship with Nordstrom after graduation

William Jewell College senior Leah Rutliff, communication, French and ACT-In major, has been as accepted as a Nordstrom Retail Management Intern in Kansas City, Mo. Her position begins June 5, and she is looking forward to this new chapter in her life.

Nordstrom has been on Rutliff’s job radar since before she began her time at Jewell, so she feels that this position is a long time coming.

“I’ve applied every year [of college] for their internship program, and I’ve never even gotten an interview. It was discouraging at first, but working for Nordstrom has always been my dream, and I wasn’t willing to give up on that,” she said.

Rutliff will spend a bit over half of her time at work on the sales floor leading a certain department’s team. Which department will be determined when she starts her job. The rest of her time will be spent in a classroom setting learning general information about the company, getting familiar with how everything works behind the scenes and shadowing more experienced workers in a variety of departments.

One thing that worries Rutliff about the transition to the working world is figuring out a new way to manage her time.

“I’m so set in a college schedule, where class times and activities vary, that having a very different schedule might take me some getting used to,” she said.

Rutliff feels that her time at Jewell, though not directly related to what will be expected of her in her new position, has equipped her with skills for success.

She believes that her passion for the company will also be a big help, assisting her in doing well at Nordstrom. She has no reservations about the position, and multiple facets of it are exciting for her. One aspect that is particularly appealing is the newness of what she will be doing.

“I’m most excited to start learning. Nordstrom is an incredible company to work for, and I’m anxious to see all that they do. I’m also excited to immerse myself in a new community and have new experiences with new people. It will definitely be an adventure,” she said.

In addition to the fact that the company is her goal employer, it offers avenues for advancement in a variety of ways. Rutliff explains that promotions come only from within, so this internship is a necessary step toward the top. Additionally, the store has many cross-country locations. This means that she could easily be relocated. The option to move is enticing to her.

Overall, Rutliff is pleased with her post-graduate plans.

“I would love to stay with Nordstrom for as long as I can. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” she said.


Erin Melton

Erin Melton is a senior Literature and Theory major and French and Religious Studies minor. She is the chief copy editor and loves camels.

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