Sports Profile: Olivia Hoseth

Olivia Hoseth cheerleading.

Olivia Hoseth, senior nursing major, shares her experiences in the cheerleading program as she reflects on her time here at William Jewell College. Hoseth shared what inspired her to begin cheer. 

“I have been actively cheerleading for around nine years now,” Hoseth said. “I first started out doing competitive cheer through a gym in Liberty, MO. This is where I got the basis of all of my skills. I loved doing competitive cheer because it was like putting on a show.” 

She also shared her journey with cheer throughout high school and her four years at Jewell.

“After freshman year of high school, I decided I wanted to try high school cheerleading,” Hoseth said. “I tried out my sophomore year of high school… [and] made the varsity team. I continued to do high school cheer for the next two years, having the privilege to guide and lead my team in a captain role my senior year. Now I am in my senior year of college and again get to lead an amazing team as a captain. I have cheered all four years in college here at Jewell.”

Hoseth shared her role as a captain on the team and the importance of teamwork.

“My specific role on the cheer team is as one of the captains,” Hoseth said. “I help with practices and team bonding events outside of practice. The other captains and I want the cheer team to be a positive experience for everyone, so we try to make it as enjoyable as possible while still getting everything done that we need to.”

She discussed the importance of cheer in her life and some of the important life lessons that it has taught her. Hoseth also discussed her plans for her nursing career and cheer upon graduation.

“My first short term goal after graduating is taking the NCLEX, which is a state nursing test, and passing it so I can become a registered nurse,” Hoseth said. “Then I would love to work at the University of Kansas Hospital on an intensive care unit floor. I do not have any immediate plans to coach when I graduate from Jewell, but I think it could be a possibility in the future. I need to worry about how to live life outside of Jewell as an adult before introducing something else into my life.”

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