Spring Fashion Trends in 2022

Photo by Thom Bradley on Unsplash

Sunny spring days call for a closet refresh to experiment with new style trends and plan the perfect outfit. Spring is the ideal opportunity to transition into a lighter, more carefree wardrobe for summer. To most people’s surprise, the 2000s are back in full effect with fun colors, mini everything and sheer styles. Ditch the winter coat and try adding a couple of these styles to elevate your spring closet. 

Anything grass green or neon pink

Grass green, a bright shade of green, and neon pink are going to be everywhere this summer. Green made a resurgence last year with the popularity of sage green and is back in a brighter shade. Neon pink is ever-popular with the Y2K movement and adds vibrancy to any outfit. The resurgence of bright colors is visible on your favorite celebrities and in stores. Try adding a pop of color with shoes, handbags or clothing this season.

Low-rise waists

Love them or hate them, low-rise waists in pants and skirts are back in style this spring. This trend is heavily reminiscent of the 2000s when low-rise jeans were everywhere. Brands like Zara and Free People carry slouchy low-waisted chinos, pleated trousers and jeans in a variety of colors. These pieces can be styled in a variety of ways: with a baby tee, sweater or even sports bra to create your preferred look.

Trench coats and blazers

Trench coats and blazers are classic closet staples that have regained popularity this season. They’re the perfect transition piece to add to an outfit during a chilly spring morning and remove in the afternoon. Blazers are now popular for casual wear, not just for the office. Opt for a white, tan or pastel color to add a brightening touch to your outfit. 

Exercise dresses

Wearing a dress to work out may seem strange but exercise dresses are part of the popular athleisure movement. Most are made of lightweight and sweat-wicking material, making them perfect for warm weather. They’re super comfortable and stylish for everyday wear, to run errands or go on a hike. You can add a light jacket for more coverage and warmth. A variety of retailers sell them, including Outdoor Voices, Nike and Aerie.

Oversized bags

Another throwback from the 2000s is back for this spring season. 2020 was the year of the micro bag trend and now big handbags are back in style. A bonus of these bags is the storage capacity. Oversized leather and canvas tote bags are popular this season and designer brands like Marc Jacobs have taken note.

Bermuda shorts

In the past few years, short shorts have been popular in women’s fashion. Bermuda shorts have made a comeback with celebrities such as Bella Hadid. They can add a more sophisticated look to your outfit and can be styled with a variety of tops. 

Platform shoes

Platform and chunky shoes have been popular for the entirety of 2022 and are here to stay. You can add them to a variety of spring outfits as sandals, sneakers, mules or heels. Platform shoes are very versatile so you can add them to a cute or sporty look easily. They add lots of personality and fun to your look. 


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