Student Senate updates Jewell advertising and posting policies

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Starting in the fall of 2019, William Jewell College will adopt an updated and revised version of the Advertisement and Posting Policy, which addresses guidelines and rules for posting tangible forms of advertisement on campus. Student Senate President Jakob Miller, senior economics and mathematics major, discussed the updates to the policy and the motivations of Senate to push for an updated policy.

The two primary updates to the policy are, first, that students will no longer have to go through Student Life to pre-approve flyers and other advertisements before posting and, second, that objections to posters will be addressed by Student Senate.

“Currently, Student Life must approve of all fliers that student organizations and college departments place on campus. The updated policy will remove this red tape and allow such groups to place fliers on campus without prior approval,” Miller said of the first major change to the policy.  

The second major change to the policy addresses cases where inappropriate and offensive material is posted. A primary objection to the removal of Student Life approval of posters regards such instances, as was discussed at the recent Student Senate cabinet debates.

“Disputes over fliers being inappropriate or violating the College’s anti-harassment policy are currently taken up with Student Life,” Miller said. “In the updated policy, this responsibility falls on Student Senate. If there is a flier that a community member finds objectionable, it should be reported to Student Senate. The Student Senate will then immediately assign a committee to review said flier and determine whether it is in violation of college policy and it’s values [sic].”

The motivation for updating the policy stems from the College adopting a new mission.

“Student Senate believes that if this mission is to be carried out and taken seriously by the community, then policies like this one need an update that is consistent with the mission. We are a community of adults and critical thinkers… [and] we need a policy that will reflect this and allow students the opportunity to be empowered – because we are adults – over the decisions that affect the marketing and communications on our campus,” Miller said.

The changes to the policy will increase both student convenience and student empowerment. If students are not required to get posters approved, it will be easier and faster to advertise student events.

The policy is aimed at increasing student empowerment and reducing sentiments that students have little voice on campus.

“For a long time now, there have been many students that feel they aren’t treated as adults or that they lack power to act on this campus. While some might argue against this narrative, this updated policy ultimately empowers the student to take a share in the control of the marketing in our community,” Miller said. “While there are more steps to take in the process of empowering students, this updated policy will pave the way for such and furthermore remind students of their integral role in our community.”

Miller emphasized the role and support of Jewell administration, Student Life and faculty in updating the policy.

“The update would not get the traction that it did without their help. [Any time] we discuss policies that affect the community, it is important we get all actors of the community involved in changing them,” said Miller.

The new policy will officially be implemented for the fall semester of 2019. Students will still be required to post material in the designated advertising locations with required information on it. Before posting and advertising, students must get events approved through Presence.

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