Testore Due perform for enthralled crowd at Corbin Theatre

The performance of violin-piano duo Tony Brandolino and Calvin Permenter, Liberty Symphony Orchestra members, at the Corbin Theatre Sept. 7 was met with enthusiastic success.

Providing a lively display of musical dexterity and skillful cooperation, Brandolino and Permenter performed a selection of classical pieces interspersed with teaching moments and witty banter – like explaining after a particularly complicated piece that Mozart was only 22 when he composed it, and Permenter responding, “I thought your head would have been enough,” when Brandolino requested more lighting for music.

The two played incredibly well together, each performing in such a way as to not only exemplify their own skill but also to showcase the other’s.  Together their genuine presence and clear proficiency with their respective instruments kept the full house at the theatre enthralled, culminating in a beautiful arrangement of “Somewhere” from “West Side Story” for their final piece.  

The duo received a standing ovation from the gathered audience and left the stage smiling. Bravo!

Cover photo courtesy of William Jewell College Department of Music.

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