The Smallest Hill: There is no reason to drink hot coffee

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Coffee. The magical substance that fuels my and many other students sleep-deprived bodies on William Jewell College’s campus. The College makes it easy to access with the two coffee shops on campus and the cans and bottles of coffee in the Cage.

My coffee drinking experience started at Jewell. I had an appreciation for it before, but drinking your third coffee of the day that you bought at 10:53 p.m. in order to make it through writing your third essay in two days just hits different. I wasn’t picky about my caffeine consumption during my first semester and would drink pretty much any type of coffee I could get my hands on. Now, though, I have acquired taste, as I understand that no coffee is worth drinking if it isn’t iced.

The superiority of iced coffee is unmatched from the way it sounds when you order it to the container you drink it out of. 

Ordering an iced coffee just feels so much better than ordering a hot coffee. Saying “an iced caramel macchiato” sounds better than “a caramel macchiato,” and it lets the barista know you’re classy.

Once they hand you the coffee, you know you’ve made the right decision. Why? Because you can see through the cup. Yes, it’s plastic, and yes we need to be cutting down on single-use plastics as a society in order to preserve as much of our planet as we can. However, the experience of drinking an iced coffee out of the plastic cup is unmatched by any other coffee cup. 

First, you get to drink out of a (non-plastic, reusable) straw which allows you more control than the lid of a hot drink cup that is designed to ensure you burn your tongue. You can also see your drink through the cup. The perk of that? You can see how much coffee you’ve drunk and how long it’ll be until you need to go get your next one while also appreciating the flavor swirls the barista expertly did just for you. 

The haters may say iced coffee can only be drunk in the summer or complain that the ice waters down the drink. Don’t listen to them. Iced coffee is a year-round drink, if not for the temperature then for the aesthetic. As far as the ice watering down the drink, if you’re drinking it fast enough, that won’t be a concern. 

Not to mention, the little clinks of the ice hitting each other is a soothing sound to be enjoyed as you walk, set your drink down and shake the cup to stir it. Simply put, iced coffee adds a little rhythm to the day.

So just know, the next time you want to judge someone for drinking iced coffee in the dead of winter or you feel as if you’re being judged for ordering iced coffee while it’s snowing outside, the iced coffee drinker is always the one who has better taste and a cooler aesthetic.

If you have not yet seen the light, do not panic. We all have to start somewhere, but you’ll join me in excellent taste soon enough.


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