Where to go for joe in Kansas City: Part II

No matter what coffee you are in the mood for, Kansas City can provide it.

City Market Coffee House

Nestled in the bustling City Market, the City Market Coffee House has a relaxed and cozy atmosphere and superb coffee. Their menu has plenty of options, and their drink of the day is always delightful. A popular drink is the “Vietnamese Iced Coffee,” which is espresso and sweetened condensed milk over ice.

It is on the smaller side, but there is additional seating outside. A spiral staircase leads to a tiny upstairs with limited seating, but if you manage to get a seat, it is a perfect place to study. You can use a trip to the coffeehouse to explore the rest of the City Market, home to affordable restaurants, shopping, produce and a weekend farmers market.

Thou Mayest

Thou Mayest is the sort of coffee shop that makes one proud to call KC their home. The name means “the way is open,” and this coffee shop is the perfect place to try new things. The coffee is of exceptional quality. Their non-caffeine menu is also good. They have pastries from Heirloom Bakery. I recommend the homemade pop tart. Their menu is extensive and maybe a little intimidating, but I suggest the “Wild Child” coffee. It is a dark roast with a full and fruity flavor.

The shop has two floors and plenty of places to sit and study or talk. I would suggest studying here in the morning or early afternoon, as Thou Mayest also serves alcohol and becomes more of a cocktail bar in the evenings.

The Filling Station

The Filling station has locations in Overland Park, Kan., Midtown and Westport. Each location has a different vibe. The one in Midtown is my personal favorite. Located in an old car garage, this location really delivers on the “filling station” aspect. It is a bright and open space with a relaxed atmosphere, excellent for either studying or chatting. The menu provides a variety of brews, an assortment of pastries and breakfast items and a selection of fresh-pressed juices. Juices are definitely the highlight. Their “liquid sunshine” is aptly named and a favorite.

Hi Hat

Tucked in a neighborhood, this tiny coffeehouse has a cozy feel and many delicious menu options. Though the inside has only two tables, there is plenty of outdoor seating. I tried the Bumblebee latte with a delicious cinnamon and honey flavor, a customer favorite. With it’s friendly and obliging baristas, delicious and reasonably-priced coffee and adorable and charming atmosphere, you can’t leave Hi Hat in a bad mood.


Located half a mile off campus in Liberty Square and providing a 10 percent discount for Jewell students, Hammerhand provides the perfect place for Jewell students to get coffee, study or just leave campus for a while. The visual aspect is striking. With its high ceilings, brightly lit space and pops of turquoise, Hammerhand has created a space that doesn’t look like any other coffee shop around.

Hammerhand serves strong and flavorful coffee from Oddly Correct roasterie. If you are a black coffee lover, I suggest trying the current black coffee offering. If you like coffee a little sweeter, you might ask about their current seasonal drink, which usually has unique flavors and interesting combinations. A popular drink right now is the Mayan Mocha with a spicy, chocolatey flavor.

Honorable Mentions:

Quay Coffee

Located in the River Market district of Kansas City, Quay provides a simple but effective coffee menu and a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

The Roasterie

This Kansas City classic provides well-made, delicious drinks and a relaxed space.

YJ’s Snack Bar

A distinct and unique atmosphere, YJ’s is a wonderful place to drink coffee, eat and listen to Jazz.

Photos by Hannah Koehler. 

Hannah Koehler

Hannah Koehler is the page editor for Arts & Culture on The Hilltop Monitor. She is a senior majoring in English and psychological science.

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