William Jewell’s Fall Ball

The William Jewell College Ballroom Dance Club hosted the Fall Ball Masquerade Oct. 28 from 7-10 p.m. in the Mabee Center. The event was open to students and members of the community alike, though non-students were required to pay an entrance fee of $5. 

The event featured dances by students who are in the ballroom classes as a way of showcasing the development of their artistic abilities. Music such as “Marry You” by Bruno Mars and classical music were played to accompany the performances. 

Between these showcases of the students’ talents, the partygoers took to the dance floor. There was no need to be shy about lack of dancing abilities – at the beginning of the event, ballroom students gave short lessons on particular dancing techniques that would be employed throughout various songs. 

Furthermore, ballroom dancer students communicated to each guest that they would help any dancer on the dance floor should they request so. The environment was very inclusive. Community members and students alike mingled and conversed over punch, apple cider, water, and vegan and non-vegan cookies. 

The event was a masquerade theme, so many of the guests sported intricate masks in a variety of colors and styles. Others used face paint to complete their costumes as fairy princesses, skeletons and witches. A raffle was also included as part of the event.

Agatha Echenique

Agatha Echenique is the Chief Editor for The Hilltop Monitor. He is a senior majoring in Oxbridge: History of Ideas and Philosophy. This is his third year on staff.

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