AFE: 4 places to “””””DEFINITELY NOT”””””” smoke on campus

1. When you’re in the stacks reading Sartre and your angst gets to be too much to handle, “””DO NOT””” take a break to contemplate life’s horrors outside the discreet back door of Curry Hall.

Curry doorway2

2. Hammocks are great for soaking up the spring sunlight, but not “””NOT””” good at soaking up the cigarette smoke.


3. What better way to pay tribute to the smokers of the past by “””NOT””” lighting one up on the old entrance the school?

Old Entrance2

4. For a moment of utter desperation: “”””DO NOT””” crawl into one of the school’s expertly pruned shrubs and pray that the plant’s oxygen production cancels out the slow degradation of your lungs.


All photos taken by Chandler Eaton and Harper Vincent

DISCLAIMER: The Hilltop Monitor encourages students to read the Student Handbook for questions about approved smoking locations.


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