AFE: Jewell revokes ban on single major students receiving degrees

An anonymous student pursuing multiple majors. Image courtesy of Pixaby.

William Jewell College has issued a statement revoking its ban on single majors receiving degrees. This change came on the heels of demonstrations and rallies by single major students who yearned to engender change here on campus.

The outlaw of single majors was instituted in 2007 after around 98 percent of campus was receiving more than two degrees. Alyssa Nolan, the first single major here at Jewell, expressed strong support for this change.

“I was astounded to finally be able to attend such a prestigious academic institution. Although, I am the first single major here at William Jewell, I want to be a representation of hope for all of the other single majors,” said Nolan.

While the ban was initially supported in 2007 when it was employed as a strategy to boost enrollment numbers, support has waned in recent years.

“I found the ban unjust,” said one student. “The policy simply did not allow for me to spend all of my time on one subject and I wanted the same rights as the students who have multiple majors.”

Despite the change in college policy, several students continue to pursue multiple majors and strive to exceed personal standards.

“School is like sport; you gotta go get or you’re gonna get got,” said a student currently pursuing six majors and holding four part-time jobs.

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