An update on the presidential election

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The 2016 presidential election concludes election day Nov. 8. The current polls have Hillary Clinton with an 80.6 percent chance of winning the election according to She is projected to receive 324.4 electoral votes to Donald Trump’s 212.5 electoral votes. As of Oct. 29, Clinton is currently ahead of Trump in seven out of eight polls according to realclearpolitics. It is a gross understatement to say that this election has been one of the craziest elections in modern America.

Despite the polls being firm on who will win the White House, this election proves that anything can happen. On the morning of Oct. 29, FBI Director James Comey reopened the investigation into Clinton’s emails after discovering emails that pertained to the investigation while searching through former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s illicit text messages from his scandal. The FBI has reopened the case as new information was found on devices that belonged to his wife Huma Abedin, a close friend of Clinton’s.

The FBI had previously declared Clinton not guilty of criminal intent and no charges were filed. She urged the FBI to investigate the latest findings. The latest emails were not sent or received from Clinton according to “Newsweek.” The latest revelation will likely not influence voters with a week until election day.

However, Trump is not in a better position. A poll conducted on Sat., after the email revelation, polls Clinton at 47 percent. Trump has been an unconventional candidate who has made offensive remarks to women, minorities, veterans and those with disabilities. His rhetoric has impacted his campaign far past the point that it would sink other political opponents. The number of scandals that have involved Trump since the election began are unprecedented. His rhetoric has impacted the United States and has made many republicans vote for Clinton out of fear of what a Trump presidency would look like.

In an election year when both candidates have higher disapproval ratings than any two candidates in the history of U.S. election polling, the choice of selecting a candidate as the next President of the United States is a crucial decision that every American should be a part of. As of Oct. 28 it appeared clear which candidate would be the next President. On Oct. 29, everything changed. The election polls may change between Nov. 1 and Nov. 8 or they could remain the same. Regardless of your political beliefs and whether or not you support Trump or Clinton, go vote on Nov. 8th and we will see how this election will end at midnight on election day.


Dylan Jones

Dylan is a senior history and political science major. He is a staff writer for the Hilltop Monitor as well as Scholastic Chair for Lambda Chi Alpha at William Jewell, a member of Christian Student Ministries and a member of Phi Alpha Theta and Pi Sigma Alpha academic honor societies.

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