Hilltop Monitor exclusive interview: Jason Kander

Jason Kander, the Democratic nominee to represent Missouri in the United States Senate, came to William Jewell College Oct. 4 to discuss issues such as student debt and the negativity surrounding this election cycle. “The Hilltop Monitor” had the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

The Monitor’s questions are denoted with “HM,” and Kander’s responses with “JK.”

HM: In your speech you talked a lot about the student debt crisis. What are some specific policy recommendations you have to solve this problem?

JK: There are a couple of things we can do right away to make a difference. The first is, we should allow students to refinance their student loans the way you can a home or auto loan. The second is, we should cap the rates on loans. Now, Senator Blunt has been opposed to both of those things. In fact, he voted to allow the rate to double. And he voted against allowing students to refinance their loans.

HM: How do you feel about being a part of a race that, should you win, will contribute to tipping the Senate into a Democratic majority?

JK: To be honest, I don’t think about it a lot because I look at this as, no matter who controls the Senate, no matter who controls the White House, my job as a Senator of Missouri doesn’t change. My job is to go there and do what’s best for Missouri every single day.

HM: This election season has been characterized by vitriol and negativity. How do you hope to solve some of this negativity?

JK: What we need in our national conversation is more authenticity and more people who are willing to simply say what they believe and have an honest conversation with the American people. And for me, as somebody who has served in Afghanistan, there is no day in the United States Senate that could be harder than a regular Tuesday in the United States Army. So my commitment throughout this campaign has been and will be when I’m in the Senate to just to be very honest about my views and to continue to be genuine to the people of my state. When everyone does that, whether they agree or not, you end up with a much more civil discussion.

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