Apple’s Newest Updates: iPhone 11 and IOS 13

Photo by Bagus Hernawan on Unsplash

These past couple of weeks have been big for Apple as they just released their new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iOS 13 upgrades. The iPhone 11 was released Sept. 20 and everyone has been raging about it since. The biggest feature that caught my eye was, of course, the double or triple camera options. It has a super-wide mode that can capture up to four times as much of the scene. On top of this, the camera also has intense lighting, and the portrait mode has a quicker focus time and more light settings. This phone has really been marketed for this generation. 

The camera does seem to be the biggest change from the 10 to 11, but there are some small features that I think are super essential and am happy are being fixed. I have an iPhone X right now, and while the phone is great and I’m lucky to have such a high quality gadget, it does have its faults. The Face ID never seems to register unless I stare into my phone’s soul for five seconds. Apple reports that iPhone 11 and 11 pro is up to 30 percent faster. 

My second complaint was the battery life, which somehow only lasts me until around 6 p.m. even when I charge it overnight. They have also fixed battery life issues, reporting that the iPhone 11 has up to four more hours of battery life. There’s a lot of other features like water resistance and point airdrop

For people who don’t want to spend money and upgrade to a whole new phone, Apple launched iOS 13 for iPhone 6 and up Sept. 10. If you keep hitting update later, stop. This update is worth the hour wait time. In my opinion, the best part in would be the dark mode option. I’m always blinded by the light of my screen at any time of the day, but this new option lets users change their home screen and certain participating apps to dark mode. Users can also set an automatic timer for their phone to change to dark mode each night. So if you want your eyes not to be blinded when looking at the time at night, dark mode is the way to go. 

Another useful update is Apple Maps. Apple Maps has been rearranged and updated to remember more locations, suggest locations and view locations in a 3D landscape. If users search for a well-known location and click the binocular button they can view their searched location in a 360-degree earth view, which can be super helpful if you are a visual tracker much like I am. Users are also able to add more saved locations instead of just their home and work location. 

Apple is really trying to listen and improve their products for the masses. They always seem to be coming out with an update or new phone or new version of the old, but I view this in a positive light. Yes, it’s 100 percent capitalism at its finest, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also the mentality that nothing will be perfect. You always want it to be better and with our technology constantly developing, I think our phones need to as well, and Apple recognizes this. 

On Apple’s website, they say the new iPhone 11 has a “chip so advanced, even we’re trying to catch up.” which just goes to show that they are striving for better products each time for their customers. The iPhone 11 will definitely be followed by an iPhone 12 and 13 as well as more iOS updates, but at least Apple is trying – which I think is all I can personally ask from a company.  

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